What matters most to us at IFN Academy?  Our students’ experience!  We are delighted to share what our students are saying about their IFNA training.

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Sheila & Kathie

IFN Academy has been my life-line for the past two years. This training has been an invaluable experience as I am readily able to apply what I am learning everyday whether in the hospital setting, instructing dietetic students as an adjunct professor, and consultant in private practice.

I would like to thank Dr. Dean and Ms. Swift for taking time to develop such a comprehensive program, the presenters for sharing their knowledge and professional experiences. I am confident I made the best decision by investing in myself and selecting IFNA as my program of choice. Although this was a rigorous endeavor, the clinical acumen gained is irreplaceable.

Thank you simply isn’t enough!

Brenda Williams, MS, RDN, IFNCP

The course really changed my world! I have never in my life been so inspired about the therapeutic effect of food as after I completed my IFNA training! I am a mother of three children, and love to experiment with different cultural foods and learning about the functional properties of the ingredients. This helps me translate the complex nutrition science into practical tips that the patient can use.
My practice has grown a lot over the years and I feel empowered thinking differently, out of the box if you like. It’s gives me great joys to change the perception that healthy eating is difficult, expensive or unachievable.  Let food be thy medicine!

Marenel Pansegrouw, RD, IFNCP (So Africa)

I am honored to be a part of this amazing group of practitioners! IFNA has changed my life – and that is no overstatement.

Tiffany Champagne-Langabeer, PhD, RDN, FHIMSS, IFNCP

I’m so incredibly proud to have earned the IFNCP credential! The program was wonderful, and I gained an enormous amount of knowledge to be able to share with the world! My greatest appreciation goes out to you and your team for that!

Megan Renfree, RD, LDN, IFNCP, CPT, BCS
I was extremely grateful to find IFNA with its solid base of education, myriad of brilliant, rock star teachers and network of clinicians. I adore solid proof of efficacy and weirdly obsess over mechanisms of action so you can imagine how this passion is flamed by integrative nutrition and its intricacies. I still consider myself a newbie in this field but am like a sponge (a natural one!), soaking up and amalgamating more information daily. I am humbled and thrilled to join this cadre of IFNA alumni.
Heidi Marie Storm, MS, RDN, IFNCP

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the incredible program you’ve put together. The quality and depth of each module have truly exceeded my expectations. It has ignited a new passion within me for understanding root causes and achieving balance within systems to better serve others.

Diana Dunn

There were so many amazing studies and deeper clinical value placed on so many of these therapeutic diets. All of the resources provided are incredibly rich and so useful. And just to learn from these amazing presenters was an absolute treat! To learn from so many amazing professionals together was priceless.

Shannon Le Mintier, RDN, LDN, 500 E-RYT

My experience with IFN Academy was exponential! As an outpatient Registered Dietitian, this program gives me a renewed approach to seeing through the lenses of an Integrative Functional Nutritionist, searching for root causes and imbalances. The charts, step processes, food and/or supplement interventions, summaries, case studies and evidenced based interventions were effective for my understanding. I enjoyed and appreciated the program and all the speakers were extraordinary.

Diane Lucero, RDN, IFNCP

I work in a functional medicine practice and have been interested in doing the IFNA training program for some time. I recently completed the 4 Track program and am so glad I did it! It has provided me with a wealth of valuable clinical knowledge as well as useful resources to download. The modules are in depth and updated to reflect the latest information in a field that continues to expand. It was well worth the time and financial investment.

Elisabeth Senkler, RN

I am so grateful this has been offered to those of us practicing in Functional and Integrative settings. The patient population I am able to work with is varied in health literacy, financial position and education. Most are complex and come in already on organic, gluten free, FODMAP hx, and autoimmune conditions. The course work and tools provided are powerful in providing immediate resources and talking points that I apply…..literally the next day to my patients. I don’t have to piece together a new handout , meal plan, app, etc. You have packaged this to offer my patients (and referring providers) that reinforces a positive experience for everyone.
I appreciate and deeply value the education provided. This has been a great experience for me!

Denise Coventry, MS, RDN

What an inspiring and well planned program!  Just what I needed to re-invigorate my interest in my career. I feel the program was of exceptional quality, excellent faculty and resources.

Anzonette Pittet, RDN, CSO

It was an amazing and enriching learning experience for me after a short career break from Clinical Research and Dietetic Consultation. I was looking for an advanced training program in the field of nutrition that could offer something new and at the same time add value to me as a person. This IFNA training really did! I cannot express how much this training program has helped boost my confidence level and motivated me to start my Dietetics career again.  Each Track of this course offers a variety of specialist approaches to the management of different diseases and provides access to a wealth of tools and resources.

I am grateful to Dr. Sheila Dean and Ms. Kathie Swift for their commendable efforts in providing such a platform for health professionals in a very organised and comprehensive manner. With the IFNA training, my passion for the subject of Functional and Integrative nutrition grew deeper. I can’t wait to begin my journey as an (IFNCP) practitioner as soon as possible and to apply everything I’ve learned through this training to my practice. Thank you IFNA and everyone associated with the Team for your continued support.

Sabeena Ebin Muhammed, MS FN, BSc. CNAD, IFNA COT

Thank you so much for offering such an amazing program for practitioners! This program has given me more knowledge than I could have ever imagined and I am beyond thankful for the ways it empowers me to better help my clients. I am so thankful and hope others utilize this course as well to help empower their own clients. I actually have said multiple times I think this teaching should be required in our undergraduate degrees in nutrition!!! It should be the foundational basis of our nutrition teaching in my opinion.

Margaret J. Monge RDN, LDN, CDCES, IFNCP
Not a day goes by that I don’t use what I have learned from IFNA and this is underscored by the message that there is ALWAYS more to learn and understand about nutritional health.  It has forever altered the way I view health and wellbeing.
Shauna Prouten RD IFNCP

It was definitely an amazing program and SO worth the hard work. It was especially helpful to be practicing as I was learning. I would do it again in a heartbeat and am encouraging all the RDNs in my practice to go for it!!

Tricia Sauer, RDN, CDN, IFNCP

The IFNCP certification will be the key to the future of dietetic practices because it provides the skills needed to analyze the causative influences of one disease with many causes, and how to intervene with great positive outcomes.

Raphael Ovonlen MPH, MS, RDN, LMNT/LD

The IFNA training was hands down my best investment!   The course is cutting edge, detailed, very well organized and evidence based.   As an internship director for many years, I feel this training can benefit all entry level and seasoned practitioners regardless of your dietetics career path.  Thank you, Kathie and Sheila for this exceptional and transformative training and for the gift of knowledge & health!

Alison Reyes, MS, RDN, LDN

I LOVED this course and it just got me excited all over again about coaching!! It’s so refreshing to learn about nutrition and wellness from an integrative and functional perspective.

Winifred Dolce, MS, MPH, IFNA COT graduate

IFNA training was a dream come true for me! I am deeply grateful for all the knowledge and skills I learned in my IFNA training. I am VERY proud of my IFNCP credential!

Glory E. Rodriguez-Gomez MS, RD, LD, CDCES, IFNCP

I have enjoyed the updated modules so much more. I have restudied all of the Tracks. As a result, I have learned so much!  Thank you for the hard work and effort you have put into this program.

Emina Suta, IFNCP
You designed a wonderful program that has been incredibly helpful in my private practice. It has definitely helped me add value to my patients’ health and wellness journeys.
Rosemary Hutcherson, RDN, IFNCP
I received so much benefit from my course work with the IFNA Team and I am happy to share whenever I have the opportunity. My IFNA training made recent teaching opportunities possible and I appreciate it very much.
Alexia Hall, RDN, IFCNP
Signing on was one of the best decisions I ever made.  It helped me put so many pieces together.  The process has greatly enhanced my skills and confidence, not to mention patient outcomes.   The IFNA process helped me get present with something wonderful, fascinating, growth inspiring and joyful.
Gale Reed RDN, IFNCP

I wish I could be at there (FNCE Wash DC) this year, but I’m now working for Beaumont Integrative Medicine (and private practice), thanks to my training through IFNA. Beaumont Integrative Medicine is one of the largest Integrative Medicine Centers in North America. So excited for this new phase of my life!

Laura Fogleman, MS, RDN, IFNCP

I want to thank Dr. Sheila Dean for her guidance, training and mentorship to get me started on my journey to my dream of owning my own functional nutrition based private practice. When I first started researching the process, I was very overwhelmed and anxious about transitioning from in-patient clinical nutrition services to a functional nutrition based private practice. Dr. Dean walked me through, step-by-step and with incredible detail as to how she established her own successful functional nutrition based private practice while tailoring her advice to my particular needs and situation. There are many out there who teach integrative and functional medical nutrition therapy but Sheila Dean has actually done it! She was very generous to share many of her forms and essential tools to give me an incredible head start. Her experience and practical tips offered real take home value. I highly recommend her as an integrative and functional nutrition teacher, mentor and expert in the field.

With Best Wishes!

Rajesh Kumari, DSc RDN CNCD
I’d like to start by addressing how grateful and thankful I am for first developing and providing such an incredible platform and medium for education, and secondly for allowing me to become a certified practitioner of IFNA…Each client presented with their own set of unique challenges, however, with the skills I was developing through IFNA, I was able to approach them with tremendous confidence and achieve incredible, life changing results for people… I honestly could go on and on about how meaningful and impactful this journey has been, but in the end I’d simply like to say thank you again… Having this skillset has helped to opened the doors that were in alignment with my imagination.more than anything, this opportunity has given me the ability to do more of what I love and what I was put on this earth to do, help people… So thank you again to everyone at IFNA and may God Bless You All!
James Balazs

The IFNA training was a great add-on for my business. It has given me even more confidence & supportive tools to help my clients even better. The IFNA certificate of training is a great course for any nutritionist, health coach or practitioner that wants to broaden their knowledge in the nutrition field. 

Ilse Onderweegs, Integrative Health Coach

With all sincerity it is the most exceptional work I have ever seen. My expectations were already high but they are exceeded beyond my imagination. You and Kathie make a great team, with your innovative approach to teaching and the phenomenal scope of instructional material. The tools are beautifully intuitive. I feel as if I’m on a journey where each practice paper informs the next, and together they weave a comprehensive historical foundation of today’s healthcare model.  I am already changed by a deeper understanding.

Joy A. Rupe, RD, LD, CDM, CFPP

Without a doubt, you, [Sheila] and Kathie have put together a seamless, research documented, absorbing, content packed course. I cannot say enough about the overall professionalism of the course with users in mind, front and center.  The table of contents and the syllabus, which were, if I recall correctly, an addition from when I took the course previously, is a super add on to facilitate referring to the immense content. As we know, content is only relevant if you can find it in the files!  I also LOVE the Pearls that you have added on to the end of the tracks. Your efforts and love of the material and teaching shine through the entire course structure.  I hope you continue to be proud of your baby IFNA.  Thank you!

Sharon L. Burke

This note is to let you know how much I appreciate all the help provided during the courses. You have put together an amazing curriculum. The information provided in the classes was vast but at the same time specific and pertinent. I can only imagine your efforts and dedication in assembling the class materials. From the bottom of my heart I would like to express my gratitude to each and every one of you. Furthermore, I want to let you know that the knowledge I’ve acquired will greatly benefit me, my family and consequently my future clients. Thank you IFNA.

Carmen Dragan, proud recent IFNCP graduate

Carmen Dragen, RDN, LDN

I really enjoyed the IFNA program as it covered more advanced topics than any other online program, including many system imbalances and conditions and how therapeutic diets, nutraceuticals and labs can be utilized to improve these conditions. The presentations were given by top experts in the industry and I learned a lot. I look forward to using this information in private practice to help my clients.  I highly recommend this program for anyone that’s looking to get cutting-edge information about nutrition and looking to advance their knowledge and skills in this area.

Mike Bernstein, IFNCP

I can’t wait to get my IFNCP! I’m going to take the exam soon. I am so pleased with what you (Sheila) and Kathie and everyone has done with this training, it is phenomenal.”

Jillian Ondreyka, RDN

The scope, depth and comprehensiveness of IFNA training provided me with the knowledge and confidence to transition successfully from an inpatient clinical nutrition position to IFN private practice and my current leadership role.

Sarah Thomsen Ferreira MS MPH RD IFNCP, Manager of Clinical Nutrition, Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine

IFNA has been a game changer for my career. Over 15 years ago I entered the field of nutrition with a food as medicine mindset when I competed my undergraduate education at Bastyr University. It was challenging to find a nutrition position that supported this approach right out of college. Although I utilized the healing power of foods for  myself and loved ones I found myself working in primarily conventional medicine environments. After many years I lost my motivation and interest in Dietetics. I was thrilled to find IFNA and knew it was just what I needed to find my passion for a career in nutrition again. IFNA is comprehensive and research based connected me to MANY networking opportunities with fellow Nutrition professionals that hold like-minded views. Thanks to my training through IFNA I am now working with a functional medicine team  which includes a medical doctor, mind body medicine practitioners and a whole foods based chef.  I could not be happier with my decision to pursue the IFNCP! Thank you Sheila and Kathie for all you do.

Dana Cizinski, MS, RDN, IFNCP

IFNA is the real MVP when it comes to functional nutrition education for RDNs. This program is incredibly comprehensive and so applicable when it comes to every day practice. The best part? The references and the resources that are embedded into each module. For the first time in my career, I have sound, scientific information and amazing case studies to pull from when it comes to supporting a functional nutrition approach. Thank you IFNA for being the gold standard!

Kylene Bogden, MS, RDN, CSSD, LDN, CLT

I would like to express how much I am enjoying the training.  The presenters have been AMAZING and my excitement for learning more grows with each module.  I am feeling so grateful for this program, as it has sparked a whole new excitement in my career as a RDN.

Amanda Grupe, RDN

Thank you for your continued support through education. IFNA has changed my practice of nutrition and I am forever grateful.

Deidre McGannon MHA, RDN, IFNCP

IFNA training was extremely valuable and changed the course of my career! So, it’s the best investment I’ve ever made!

Kelsey Woodworth Sticklen, RD

What a journey! I’ve loved EVERY minute and am ecstatically happy to apply my new knowledge to my clientele. Thank you for all you’ve done!

Emily Brown, MS in Nutrition

Just a comment on how impressed I am with the very high quality of program IFNA and its affiliates offer compared to others out there. I’m proud to say I’m an IFNCP and feel like IFNA has given me a solid footing in functional nutrition.

Shauna Prouten, RD, IFNCP

I love, love the fact that you, Sheila and IFNA team are so open to suggestions and work collaboratively with alumni and students. That is what makes IFNA program so amazing. Thank you for that.


I am happy and proud of IFNA and to be a wellness ambassador through food and total lifestyle. I live by the Japanese saying of 一期一会、to be awake and present in every single moment….then keep learning.  I am grateful to Sheila, Kathie, and all instructors with endless support and knowledge.

Michiko Tomioka, IFNCP

Thank you so much! I am so grateful for the continuing education and abundant tools provided by the IFNA program which help me better support my clients to optimize their nutrition and lifestyle for a radiant life.

Kerry Caughey, RDN, LDN, IFNCP

Every dollar I spent learning has been a true value to me. This program has not only helped my personal growth and improvement in my overall health but also my family members, whom I have been able to help with the information I have gained in this course. Thank you. 

Ann Pittaoulis, RD, LDN, IFNCP

I absolutely love the IFNA program and feel like I’m even more committed now to learning all that I can about nutrition!

Kathy Cassidy, IFNA student

IFNA was life-changing for me personally and professionally!

Lori LeBlanc, RN

I have to say, finding this training program has honestly made going through the LONG process of obtaining my RDN completely worth it. I’m so encouraged to know there are other dietitians out there who are just as interested in disease prevention as I am! Not only that, but that there are leading dietitians who are willing to help other RDs obtain the tools necessary to be truly effective in there disease prevention efforts. Also, throughout Track 1 I was repeatedly impressed with the quality of presenters with each module. Thank you so much, Sheila, Kathie, and staff, for the incredible effort you have put into making this training and credential possible. You have my trust and utmost respect. I plan to complete the entire credential and I am eager to see what lies ahead in the upcoming modules.

Sarah Speicher, RD

Excellent Program! I love each second of the learning MODE!

Anonymous – from Track 1 survey

The two of you should be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – because both of you do …. rock! This program was all that I had hoped. So many of us are indebted to you both for the enormous amount of energy, enthusiasm, emotion and intellectual grit it took to pull something like this off.

Anonymous – from Track 3 Survey

Overall, this course has expanded my knowledge of functional nutrition exponentially and that knowledge has, over the last two years, increased my ability to develop more comprehensive, beneficial and realistic nutrition care plans with my clients which has been priceless!

Anonymous – from Review Course Survey

The review course was very beneficial. There is an overwhelming amount of information and it was nice to have a course to help me focus in on the most important elements. I have so enjoyed this course and appreciate all the tools and references provided to the students.

Anonymous – from Review Course Survey

I am helping to start an integrative and functional nutrition program at the health system where I work in Nebraska.  We are excited to bring this unique service to a variety of patients.  Training with IFNA has enhanced how I practice nutrition therapy and changed how I nourish myself and my family.  I appreciate all the knowledge and support I received from IFNA.  I am happy to be a member of this program!

Ellen Thomsen MS, RD, LMNT, CDE, IFNCP

My journey with IFNA has been full of intellectual excitement and academic gratification–cannot thank you enough!

Dan Dwyer, MD

The IFNA training has been invaluable in terms of offering new services to clients. I continue to learn so much and love it!

Jennifer Masters MS, RDN, LDN
I enjoyed your training immensely.  I recommend to all RD’s that I am in contact with, especially the next generation. I am contacted quite often by inspiring RD’s…and meet with them to help them pursue their dream.  Sheila and Kathie are giving back a wonderful service!
Sue Anthony, RDN, IFNCP

I was ready to take my nutrition knowledge to the next level and did not know where to turn.  The concept of integrative and functional nutrition has always been attractive to me, but I often felt skeptical of the information I had access to.  I knew there was more to it.  I started exploring the IFNA website and finally found the trust-worthy, evidenced based curriculum I was seeking.

I was eager to get started and decided to launch my IFNA journey with the Therapeutic Elimination Diets Track last Spring. This course far exceeded my expectations. Sheila and Kathie are putting their heart and soul into this program and go above and beyond the call of duty. Emails are answered immediately and comprehensively. The course was dynamic and cutting-edge. They ran it like a well-oiled machine.

Sheila has been an unbelievable resource to me. I was overwhelmed with new information and she really took the time to mentor me and answer countless questions.  She was so generous with both her time and knowledge, and because I craved more and more, I decided to book an official mentoring session. It was money well-spent.

I am grateful to have found this program!

Meredith Liss, MA, RDN, CDE

I wanted to thank you for the program content thus far!  I have just completed T2M2 and it has transformed my relationship with my clients!!  I can’t tell you how insightful the CBC content with Dicken Weatherby has been.  Just last week, a friend was telling me about her struggle with chronic fatigue and muscle weakness that has gone on for over a year.  Her labs were “normal”.  When I looked at her labs through the lens of “optimal” ranges it shed a much more meaningful reading.  I’ve ordered his book and can’t wait to devour it.  Along that same vein, I want to thank you for creating the opportunity for us with Evexia!  I have signed up and know that they will provide incomparable insights to clients’ health.   Loving the program!!!!

Emily E. Brown, MS

This has been the best continuing education I have done in all the years I have been a dietitian!

Patty Guay-Berry, RDN

Thank you so much for putting together such a stunning distillation of years of experience from you and your guest instructors, so people like me can more forward with more confidence in this new paradigm.

Christine Passen, MPH, RDN

I have completed several Functional Nutrition training programs and have learned so much from each of them. However, I felt the IFNA program provided me with the some of the missing background knowledge to help me solidify my understanding and application of functional nutrition. Going through this program has revived my passion for the field. Thank you for the tremendous effort, detail, volume of useful material and caring you both have put into developing this program!

Kathleen Fulgione, MA, RDN, CDN
Thank goodness for IFNA! I’ve been blown away by the experience and I’m only at Track 1! Would highly recommend to anyone. 6 months ago I left a big corporate pharma job knowing I wanted to make this happen but no clue how and IFNA helped me make it a reality. Would not have had the courage or the know how to make it happen without all of you so THANK YOU!
Alexis Penney, MS, RDN

The Culinary Immersion was just that, a true “immersion” on so many levels.  Thank you for providing such a rich experience.  Denise’s training was A-plus.  I so enjoyed the venue, the pace, time with colleagues and a chance to meet and collaborate with you.  For me the entire IFNA program is a  a personal and professional catalyst.  I entered not sure how I would proceed with the training, and now, after completing 4 tracks and the immersion, I feel confident transforming in my practice and excited for Track 5.  Wow!!  Thank you for sharing your expertise.  Your contribution is so generous and phenomenal.

Susan McCandless, RD, LD

I have completed the program!! Yeah!! It has been incredibly educational and a wonderful experience! You have both done a magnificent job of creating an exceptional program and I am so happy and proud to be a member of the inaugural class! I know this course and credential will change my practice and has already improved my skills as a RDN. I have been so impressed with the faculty and am blown away by the depth of these people’s knowledge and passion for their area of expertise. I applaud you and thank you for all of the heart and soul you put into the program’s creation. You have advanced the profession with this course! I wish you both much success with it and I am confident it will continue to grow.

Pam Mathis, MEd, RDN, LD, CWC, CLT

I am blown away by the amount of material and quality of education that this Track provided. Best investment of my time and money that I have made so far in continuing education. This will significantly impact how I treat clients in my practice. Thank you!!!!

Anonymous – from Track 2 Survey

I commend you on the work you [Sheila] and Kathie have done. Your website is beautiful and the organization and thoroughness is admirable. You are ​truly an exceptional model of knowledge, execution and expertise for our profession and I am thankful for you and all you do.

Monique Richards, MS, RD, LD

The IFNA course has been outstanding so far….way beyond my expectations.  Each week is like reading a new chapter in a book that you can’t put down 🙂  I spent 20 years as head of communications and marketing. I have a penchant for communications quality (materials, message, consistency etc). This course hits every point.  Thank you.

Amanda Turton, RDN

I just started with course one with a goal to become certified. I am loving it! It’s professional, well organized and full of useful (and interesting) information. Your hard work and passion for a high quality education product definitely shines through. I am extremely impressed and excited to continue through to my certification. Thank you again.

Janine Henkel

I learned an enormous amount of information from the training and have already incorporated some educational handouts into my private practice. Thank you for helping bring RDNs to the forefront of integrative and functional nutrition.

Lorri B. Katz, MA, RDN

I’m brand new to functional medicine so these tracks have been amazing. IFNA has been a blessing and I love our smart, kind, helpful and overall fantastic community!

Jillian Ondreyka, RDN

 I love your program. This is the kind of nutrition that I’ve wanted to practice for my whole career – you’ve given us the platform to do that from through the IFNA program.

Shauna Prouten, RD

I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much I’m enjoying the [IFNA] Track’s. They are well organized, clear, and packed with information and resources that I’ve found invaluable in my practice. I’ve trained for years now in integrative and functional medicine, and admittedly, I initially questioned whether I would find value in the program, but it has been a great investment in terms of both time and money -and I have to be wise with both as a new mom and business owner! One of my favorite aspects of the program is that you have brought in experts in each of the different subject areas to dive deep into the subject and provide real case studies and offer in-depth Q&A with students. The content is a nice balance between the science/theory and real-world application. It just is clear that the program is put together by people who really use this stuff in practice regularly. Great work! Looking forward to continuing on with it!

Ayla Withee Barmmer, RD
THANK YOU SO MUCH for this training! This is exactly what I have been looking for. I have immersed myself in Functional Medicine/Nutrition since graduating with my RDN almost 4 years ago. It had been difficult to find a program that is affordable and covers everything I feel is need to practice as a functional RDN. And it is very time consuming to do all the research and learning on my own! It’s so nice to have it all in one place. Again thank you, thank you, thank you!
Brittany Miller, RDN

The CSI track has been incredible so far!! Love seeing how all the information gets pulled together, in real life patient situations. It’s like “reality tv” for the functional dietitian. So grateful to you both.

Alexandra Gardner Fern MS, RDN
I can’t thank you enough for such an informative and truly life changing program. Thank you for the generous amount of time that you gave us to complete the program. I can’t express enough gratitude for all your work into IFNA.  It has been so amazing to be part of this training.  Thank you both so very much!
Christine McKinney, MS, RD, LDN, CDE

THANK YOU both for all you do – this is such impressive work and material…very very grateful that you both cared enough to try and help all of us learn how to advance our practice. We all “owe” you both quite a bit for putting all of this together and then sharing your knowledge on top of it!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Kate Yonke RDN, CD

Thank you for offering such a fantastic program for us.  It’s really been a saving grace for me –  thank you for your contribution to my education and teaching!

Kylie Fagnano, MS, RDN, LDN

I think your program setup is perfect. Love this website. Appreciate reminder emails. Joining webinars are easy. Really like the forum idea and way they are setup. I haven’t had any tech issues at all. Well done!!

Christina Toner Desjardins, RD

Thank you for creating this Academy, and for all the hard work you did in delivering the information in integrative and functional nutrition! I’ve learned so much, and am eager to continue with my studies.

Eileen Boté, RDN
Thank you for the very informative, updated and practical course. I have taken/learned a lot from track 1, 2 and 3.  I am very satisfied with the knowledge acquired. Even more, I am very happy and proud of being able to translate it into my daily practice.
Janet Diaz Martinez MS, RD, LD/N

Have you ever felt like you were in over your head, trying to learn all you can, and still not feel quite ready to step out of your comfort zone? I highly suggest reaching out to Dr. Sheila Dean. I messaged her on a Sunday night, where I was engulfed in webinars and research and looking for a hand to help me with the application part. After a prompt reply from Dr. Dean, I had a mentoring session scheduled for the next day. Dr. Dean has this authentic personality and magnetic energy that made me laugh and feel super comfortable, which embodies the best kind of learning environment. She gave me several tools I can use in my practice comfortably TODAY, and this was so invaluable to me. I can’t wait to go through IFNA and continue to learn from her.

Maggie Danforth, RDN, LD, CLT

The IFNA program has offered me more training and tools to increase my skills with hard patients than I’ve found almost anywhere else. I reference my training and tools daily!

Frances Arnold, RDN, CLT, ERYT

Thank you so much for IFNA. The Therapeutic Diets Track and Track 3 were my favorites. Absolutely phenomenal! These tracks have really motivated me and given me resources to learn more.

Naomi May, RDN

The IFNA program will be an invaluable asset as I begin private practice. Many thanks for your hard work and dedication to the field!

Heather Lujan, MS, RDN

Kathie Swift is a rare gem in the integrative/functional nutrition community and among my nutrition heroes. Whether she’s talking about published clinical data, teaching dietary protocols or offering clinical pearls, the information is always understandable, useful, and most of all relevant. Her ability to seamlessly blend hard science with the healing art of nurturing the patient will make you a better practitioner.

Robin Foroutan, MS RDN HHC

This webinar with Dr Kara Fitzgerald was fabulous! I have been using Organic Acids, NutrEval and GI Effects for several years now with my patients. Her explanation of the Organic acids was clear, concise, organized and over the top with useful information.

Sally Berry MA RD CSSD CLT

Sheila, What a great job you did tonight presenting the patient case and touching on all of the systems with so much insight, and also tweaking our curiosity to delve deeper. Truly amazing job.

Sally Wallace Lynch, MS, CD-N

Dear Dr Dean, I want to tell you how much I appreciate all you have done to educate RDNs. Your enthusiasm is contagious and not only am I impressed with your passion, but it’s obvious that you are very compassionate and knowledgeable about treating chronic conditions and preventive care. God bless you as you continue to lead the way in this life changing area!

Sue Kidd RDN

As a dietitian in midcareer, I can’t thank both of you enough for offering such a comprehensive and invigorating training. I have been contemplating various certifications for years and am so pleased with the quality and depth of your program. Both of you are inspirational leaders in the field of dietetics.

Kimberly Plessel, MS, RDN, LD

I listened to the Q&A and the first session live last night and it was awesome. I AM SO EXCITED to be starting this journey. There is something so comforting and reassuring about how you speak to us. I feel like I am hanging on for every next word 🙂

Pamela Malo, RDN

Anyway I did want to tell you how much I LOVE(d) Track 1!  You & Kathie have done an incredible job in creating such a thorough & organized program! I LOVE the course shell.. It’s so easy for me to go back & find everything that I need.. The speakers were really great.. I especially loved yours and Kathie’s.. It’s a lot to learn but quite exciting!! Anyway congratulations again on a TOP NOTCH program!

Michele Tasker, RDN

Thank you so much for attaching those resources and always being so prompt in responses. Their awesome and much appreciated. I LOVE this program- it’s exceeded my expectations with  top notch speakers, excellent program organization, wealth of information and resources, and overabundance of research articles and scientific studies. WOW! You and Kathie have created quite a top notch program. I am planning to stay the entire course and hope to obtain my IFNA board certification.

Allyson Almeida, RDN

I’ve been growing leaps and bounds but have been salivating over the IFNA program. This has motivated me to take the plunge!

Erin Gussler, RDN LD CLT

I am so enjoying these webinars and discussions! There is so much for me to immediately apply to myself as well as to my immediate family. I feel greatly blessed to be given not only the information, but the clinical tools to help others.

Jennifer Fisher, MPH, RDN

Wow, what an outstanding program! I’m so sad that its over. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Mary Pat Lynch, RDN, RN

Just when I think I’ve heard my favorite presentation another one comes along and blows me away in terms of it’s scope and depth of research and experience backed information and immediate usefulness. I also want to thank you for your belly breathing pause! Not only was it really needed, it was so very simple and strengthened my conviction that I need to be showing and practicing this with my patients during session.
My very best regards and gratitude, Julie

Julie Hayes-Nadler, RDN

I want to express my gratitude to Sheila and Kathie for their outstanding IFNA program. I’ve just been through the Therapeutic Diets module and benefitted from mentoring sessions w/ Sheila and Kathie. I can immediately apply what I am learning. I am really impressed!  Melinda Dennis

Melinda Dennis, MS, RDN, LDN

Just a thank you for such an informative discussion session–You Rock! Again, love your teaching style.  You and Kathie are providing the direction that our profession must take–it is such a welcome.

Cindy Carroll MS, RDN, LDN, RN

SO … SO … SO very impressed….this whole program is just remarkable. What a reflection on you both.

Beth Reardon MS RDN

Kathie is an authority on integrative and functional nutrition through her extensive years of practice and continued self-learning. Moreover, Kathie nurtures and encourages medical professionals, such as myself.  Most importantly, she maintains integrity throughout her professional career and is motivated by her compassion.

Irina Lisker, MD

I am really enjoying the program.  It’s groundbreaking really, at least for a traditionally trained R.D. (that I am). Laura Fogleman

Laura Fogleman, MS, RDN

I would like to share with you both how timely and incredibly beneficial Track 2 has been for me as a professional.  I can’t share with you emphatically enough how much I am learning from each and every speaker. Dana Bosselman

Dana Bosselman, RDN

First, I just have to say a huge thank you. It is overwhelming how much you are doing and how wonderful your IFNA program has been for me. Words really cannot express the gratitude I feel.  Dina Ranade

Dina Rinade, RDN

I’d like to share with you a personal testimonial that what I learned in this course helped me to finally identify and seek medical care for some health issues I’d been dealing with for some time. Through this training, I’ve learned what tests to order, how to fix my diet, and what supplements to take so I’m happy to say I feel like a whole new person.  It’s incredible this n=1 nutritional medicine! So thank you for helping me to learn how to regain my own health! 🙂  Anonymous


I just want to thank Sheila and Kathie for all this great info! Last night’s module was so packed with valuable information! Each slide was so rich and informative. Such important background info for us to know if we want to really get to the root of someone’s problem. I can’t wait for what’s next.


Dianne Rishikof, MS, RDN, LDN

Kathie’s inspirational guidance helped me navigate the roadmap of my professional career which lead me to my current position as Director of Nutrition for 6 offices. Having a nutrition mentor like Kathie made my experience in the field seamless and rewarding because she is passionate, caring, giving, hardworking with a beautiful, blossoming heart that is focused on helping others succeed. She is a pioneer and because of her dedication and brilliant teaching, she has made a major impact in how our profession is viewed in the integrative and functional medicine communities.

Erica Kasuli, MS RDN CDN

Dr Sheila Dean is a a phenomenal dietitian. The amount of knowledge she has in integrative and functional nutrition is incredible. She has truly inspired me to become a better nutrition professional. Dr Dean is amazing.

Sakita N. Sistrun, MS RDN CCRP

Dr Sheila Dean is an amazing teacher and went above and beyond to help us understand the material and answer our questions. She is so smart, so dedicated and so enthusiastic about the material. She really made this course outstanding. The weekly case studies were a big help in understanding the material of the week and a learning experience to apply it clinically.

Daniele Merlis, MD

Dr Dean was extraordinary. She was very knowledgeable, accessible and pleasant to work with She challenged me in ways I did not know I could be challenged. I have learned so much in this course. I am thankful that I got a chance to take it.

Lisa Ford, PT (physical therapist)

Dr. Dean taught one of my nutrition and functional medicine courses at MUIH. She had a wealth of information to share, and is so entirely passionate about what she does that it is inspiring to be one of her students. She consistently stretched me to think with a functional medicine mindset, while also acknowledging me in terms of the quality of professional I was in the process of becoming. You will learn and grow in ways you never imagined learning from Dr. Dean!

Lori Graham, OTR MS-Exercise Science