Support Team

Christiana Begin, Dietetic Intern

Avid hiker, world traveler, and food enthusiastic, Christiana is honored to be a part of IFN Academy’s support team. Christiana received a B.S. in nutrition: dietetics from the University of New Hampshire  in 2017. She is grateful for her professors and education that developed her passion for nutrition.

Following graduation, Christiana decided to take a gap year and teach English in China. She gained insight into the culture, customs, and healthcare system of China’s Sichuan province, and hopes to integrate it into her future career as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN). In addition to learning languages, she enjoys hiking in the White Mountains, running, and playing the flute.

Christiana will complete her dietetic internship at Michigan Medicine at the University of Michigan. She is beyond thrilled to begin this next step towards becoming an RDN. She thoroughly looks forward to her continued collaboration with Kathie Swift and other members of the IFN Academy support team!