Q – Who can enroll in IFNA online training programs? 

A – Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to take IFNA training, however there are certain eligibility requirements for the IFNCP Advanced Practice Credential.  Depending on eligibility, the following options are available to meet your needs:

  • Continuing Professional Education Units (CPEUs) for select health care professionals
  • Certificate of Training (COT) – No Board Exam required
  • Advanced Practice Credential; Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner (IFNCP) – Board Exam required

Q – Can I matriculate through the IFNA Tracks at my own pace? How long will I have access to the Tracks?

A – You can progress at your own pace and most students finish the entire program in 9-12 months. However, there is a 24-month time frame to complete all 5 Tracks (33 modules) as indicated below:

  • Certificate of Training (COT): Tracks 1-5; no Board Exam required
  • Advanced Practice Credential – Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner (IFNCP): Tracks 1-5 and the IFNCP Board Exam

The 24-month time frame is based on the date of your initial Track registration with IFNA.  When this deadline is reached, students are unenrolled from the IFNA training program.

For further information on the IFNCP Advanced Practice Credential including requirements for the board exam, visit the IFNCP Credential Q&A Guide

Q – How much time can I expect each module to take me to complete?

A – We estimate you’ll need approximately 5 to 7 hours to complete each module, however, this will depend on how many times you choose to review the materials included in each module. We offer 33 “fully-loaded” 100% online modules divided into 5 Tracks. Click here for a description of each IFNA module.

Q –  How are the modules structured and what’s included in each module?

A – There are many components to each online module, including a 120-150 minute video presentation taught by special guest faculty, a comprehensive toolkit, many resources including handouts, client assessment forms, detailed protocols, brandable documents, resources, patient questionnaires, downloadable powerpoints, time-stamped transcripts, a glossary of key vocabulary terms, a complete bibliography, a mind-body practice and the end-of-module 5 question quiz. There are no extra textbooks needed to complete IFNA training. Everything you need will be provided for you within each module. For those of you who want a more in depth “sneak-peak” into the IFNA program, CLICK HERE for a detailed orientation video on what you can expect from your IFNA training!

Q – Is conventional and/or functional lab training covered in IFNA training?

A – YES! Both functional and conventional labs are covered extensively in Track 1 and in Track 3; however, most modules incorporate case studies so you will learn about labs in almost every module. Click here to view the topics covered in each Track.  We also have a comprehensive 6-part laboratory mini-series in Track 2.

Q – Will I be able to order labs with IFNA training?

A – Generally, most practitioners that complete IFNA training are able to order labs; however, certain restrictions may apply, such as the state you live in and your current licensure status/scope of practice. Be sure to check with your state’s or province’s department of professional regulation for details regarding scope of practice and licensure laws.


Q – Is there a specific time frame in which I need to register for IFNA Tracks or can I register at any time?

A –   You can register for any IFNA Track at any time, however, we recommend that you begin with Track 1. Click HERE to enroll.

Q – Are any group discounts offered?

A – Yes! IFNA offers group discounts for 5 or more individuals matriculating through our program.  Please contact our office for special discounts that would apply for your group.

Q – Do students receive discounts?

A – IFNA offers discounts to full time interns and undergraduate university students only. All students must submit proof of full-time status BEFORE they purchase Track 1. Student discounts ONLY apply to Track 1 and may not be combined with the 10% membership discount. Please email proof of full-time status (i.e. current transcripts) to info@IFNAcademy.com. Please refer to our Fee Schedule for more information.

Q – Does IFNA offer any discounts for VA dietitians?

A – Yes! VA Dietitians who are interested in registering for the IFNA program are eligible to receive a 10% discount towards Tracks 1-5. This special discount may also be used in conjunction with the 10% membership discount, which also applies to Tracks 1-5. Contact us at info@ifnacademy.com to request a special VA coupon code to use during registration. We thank you for serving our veterans!

Q – Does IFNA offer any discounts for military and military employees?

A – Yes! Military and military employees who are interested in registering for the IFNA program are eligible to receive a 10% discount towards Tracks 1-5. This special discount may also be used in conjunction with the 10% membership discount, which also applies to Tracks 1-5. Contact us at info@ifnacademy.com to request a special military coupon code to use during registration. We thank you for serving our country!

Q – Does IFNA allow payment plans?

A –  You can use “PayPal Credit” during checkout and pay no interest if paid in full within 6 months. Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the balance is not paid in full within the promotional period. Minimum monthly payments required. Subject to credit approval.  You also have the option to pay for one Track at a time. Full payment is due upon registration for each Track. Be sure to register for IFNA Membership to receive your 10% coupon code that’s applicable towards all 5 IFNA Tracks!

Q – Does IFNA offer a discount if I purchase all 5 Tracks at once?

A – YES!  When you register for the IFNA Tracks 1 – 5 bundle, you’ll instantly save 15% off (that’s $834!) your total investment! When you become an IFNA Member, you can even apply your discount code for an ADDITIONAL 10% off (that’s another $473!) for an amazing total savings of $1307!  Any variation in registration will not qualify for the bundled discounted rate.

Q – What is IFNA’s refund policy?

A – Once you enroll in any of the IFNA Tracks, Tracks 1 – 5 Bundle or the IFNCP Review Course, you will have immediate access, and therefore, refunds are not permitted.


Q – What are the requirements for the IFNA Certificate of Training (COT)?

A – In order to receive the IFNA Certificate of Training, students must successfully complete Tracks 1 – 5 and all module quizzes. The IFNCP Board Exam is NOT required to earn the COT. For a description of each module within each Track, click here. 

Q – Who is eligible to submit an application for the IFNCP credential?

A – Eligible persons are:

  1. Health care practitioners (i.e. RDNs, RNs, MDs, NDs, PAs, etc.)
  2. Dietetic interns and DTRs
  3. Masters or Doctorate level students in the health science/nutrition field
  4. Health coaches and other allied health care professionals – additional requirements apply

Those with a high level of interest but no formal training are not eligible to apply for the IFNCP credential. In cases where eligibility is uncertain, the credential board will determine on a case by case basis. If you have questions about eligibility, feel free to contact us at info@IFNAcademy.com.

Q – What are the requirements for the IFNCP Advanced Practice Credential?

A – Credential applicants must:

  • complete all 5 Tracks within 24 months (for a description of each module within the Tracks, click here). IFNA does not permit skipping or “testing out” of any Tracks.
  • pass all module quizzes
  • submit an application (upon completion of the entire program)
  • pass the IFNCP Credential Exam

Q – Does the IFNCP Credential allow me to legally practice as a nutritionist?

A – The IFNCP Credential does not replace licensure, or qualify anyone to refer to themselves as a “licensed” nutritionist or dietitian.  However, earning the IFNCP Credential will distinguish you as someone who has passed a peer-reviewed board exam and has had advanced training in integrative and functional nutrition. This will certainly open many doors for you, however, you are responsible for staying within the limits of your scope of practice.


Q – Are Continuing Professional Education Units (CPEUs) offered for RDN’s?

A – Yes!  Currently, CPEUs are being offered for all of the modules (7 per module) in each of the 5 Tracks (with the exception of module 6 in Track 2). The total number of CPEUs offered is 224. RDNs in the United States applying for CPEUs with the CDR must apply for each module separately. However, only one certificate of completion will be awarded for each Track.

Q – This course looks like a Master’s level education in IFN.  For the student that does not actually “need” a master’s degree, will the course be a good substitute at much less cost?

A –  IFNA programs are not academic degrees, however, we feel that the IFNA program offers the most cutting edge, online/distance learning, scientifically oriented, peer-reviewed, Integrative and Functional Nutrition program on the market today.  The comprehensive IFNA curriculum has  been designed with consideration of the time constraints that working healthcare professionals are managing on a daily basis.   Given the attractive pricing per track,  the IFNA program offers considerable “education density” per dollar and time.


Q – I recently took another online functional nutrition mentoring program for RDN’s.  If I register with IFNA, can I get a discount?

A – We offer a 15% discount for students that have completed select online, functional nutrition programs. Just email us with a copy of your certificate of completion and we will provide you with a one-time discount code for 15% off Track 1. Please note: this discount only applies to Track 1 and cannot be combined with any other discount or coupon code.

Q – What if I feel that I have a very solid foundation in Integrative and Functional Nutrition?  Can I choose to start with Track 2?

A –  Yes, you can start with Track 2. However, we strongly recommend that you start with our first track (Track 1). There will be new information that we present in Track 1 that would benefit you as a practitioner including the introduction to many IFNA proprietary tools used in each track. Furthermore, the Tracks build on one another, so you will get more out of Tracks 2 and 3 if you have had Track 1 first. You can also start with Track 4 – the Therapeutic Elimination Diets Track then complete Tracks 1, 2, 3 and 5 (Case Study Immersion). Keep in mind that Tracks 1 – 5 are required for anyone who wishes to earn the IFNA Certificate of Training (COT) or the IFNCP Advanced Practice Credential.


Q – Can I become an IFNA member without going through any IFNA training programs?

A – Yes! We welcome any health care professional to become an IFNA member and enjoy all the member benefits.

Q – What do I get for being an IFNA member?

A – Become a member of IFNA or renew your IFNA membership and receive the following discounts and special pricing:


  • 10% off Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5: Be sure to purchase your IFNA membership before you register for a track


  • Fullscript: Open an account to receive 20% off your first order! Be sure to use the special coupon code that will be sent to you to receive your discount.


  • Rupa Health: $100 off your first purchase (qualified self-orders only).
  • Evexia Diagnostics: Open a new account and the $250 set up fee is waived
  • Genova Diagnostics: Receive 15% off any lab test when you order through Genova Connect, an e-commerce portal that allows individuals to order laboratory testing without scheduling a visit with their doctor
  • Infinite Allergy Labs – Receive a special rate of $229 on comprehensive food allergy/sensitivity testing
  • Nutrigenomix – Receive 50% off Nutrigenomix testing


  • Living Plate Rx: Therapeutic diets/digital meal plans that are branded for your practice. Receive a one-time 20% discount on a monthly or annual membership (discount applies to first payment only).


  • Practice Better: Receive 15% off your first 6 months.
  • Healthie: Receive one free month trial
  • Kalix Health: Enjoy 20% off your first-year subscription


  • Examine: Receive a discount on the Examine+ Membership
  • Green Med Info: Enjoy 40% off the Professional subscription
  • Health Takes Guts® Your Comprehensive Guide to Eliminating Digestive Issues, Anxiety, and Fatigue (eBook): Receive a 25% discount
  • Probiotic Advisor: Enjoy a 10% discount on the subscription
  • Point Institute: Receive 20% off any Point Institute materials
  • SIBO Academy: Enjoy a 10% discount on any course
  • Vydiant – OneHealth – Enjoy a 20% discount

Note: In order to receive your 10% discount code, please be sure to purchase your IFNA membership PRIOR to any Track registrations! Following your registration, you will be emailed the specific promo codes to utilize the above discounts. The 10% membership discount does not apply to Mentoring sessions, the IFNCP Review Course, IFNCP Application or IFNCP Exam.


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