Registration for the IFNCP Credential Exam is open year-round.

BEFORE you register for the IFNCP Credential Exam, be sure you have submitted your application, paid the one-time application fee and received notification from us that your application was approved!

If you have not yet submitted an application or paid the one-time fee, please visit the IFNCP Application registration page first.

Also, be sure to download and submit your completed application to Once your application has been approved we will notify you, at which point you may register for the IFNCP Credential Exam below.

IFNCP applicants have an additional 3 months, from the date of their 24-month deadline, to take their IFNCP Credential exam online.

Be sure to read all the directions before taking your exam. When you’re ready, simply log into your account and click on “Welcome to the IFNCP Credential Exam.” Once you begin the exam, the timer will start and you will have 2 hours and 15 minutes (135 minutes) to complete your exam. Good luck!

*Note: the 10% membership discount may not be applied towards the IFNCP Credential exam fee.

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