IFNCP™ Application


The Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner (IFNCP™) Credential establishes a new standard of professional practice for qualified health care practitioners.

The requirements to apply the IFNCP™ Credential are outlined as follows. Eligible persons are:

  1. Health care practitioners (Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, Registered Nurses, etc.)
  2. Dietetic interns
  3. Masters or Doctorate level university students in the health science/nutrition field
  4. Health coaches, massage therapists, personal trainers, nutrition consultants, etc, who have:
  • acquired a minimum of 1000 hours in clinical practice within a 5-year period AND
  • a minimum of a Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition from an accredited university.

*In cases where eligibility is uncertain, the credential board will determine on a case by case basis. If you have questions about eligibility, feel free to contact us at info@IFNAcademy.com

The educational prerequisites for the IFNCP™ Credential require that IFNA™ students matriculate through the entire training program, which includes Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4 (TED) and Track 5 (CSI). IFNA™ does not allow “testing out” of any Tracks. Upon passing the open-book quizzes at the end of each module, eligible students may apply for the IFNCP™ Credential.

For more information, please refer to the IFNCP™ Credential Q & A Handbook: https://www.ifnacademy.com/ifncp-credential-q-a-handbook/


1. Download the application/pay application fee below.

2. Email your completed application to info@IFNAcademy.com. Once your application is received and approved, you’ll be notified via email.

3. Once your application has been received and approved, then you may register for the IFNCP Credential exam at the following link: https://www.ifnacademy.com/product/ifncp-credential-exam/.

Downloadable and fillable IFNCP™ Credential Exam Application:

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*Note: the 10% membership discount may not be applied towards the IFNCP™ Application fee.

In the case that an applicant wishes to withdraw from the IFNCP™ Credential Exam but has already paid the IFNCP™ Credential Exam fee, a refund less $50 will be refunded to the applicant within 1 week of notification of withdrawal.

Your registration for the IFNCP™ Application signifies that you have read and agreed to our registration policies. Please note: prices are subject to change. 

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Policies, Terms and Conditions

Cancellation Policy for Tracks 1, 2, and 3, Track 4 – “TED” Therapeutic Elimination Diets, Track 5 – “CSI” Case Study Immersion and the IFNCP Review Course : Once you enroll in any of the IFNA Tracks or the IFNCP Review Course, you will have immediate access, and therefore, refunds are not permitted.

IFNA Alumni Membership: Membership for IFNA Alumni is subscription-based therefore members will be auto-billed annually.

Timeframe for completion of IFNA Tracks: (this section does not apply to Alumni)

• If you’re interested in earning the IFNCP Credential, you will have 24 months from the date of your initial registration to complete Tracks 1-5. You will then have an additional 3 months to complete the IFNCP Review Course as well as take your exam online.

• If you’re interested in earning the Certificate of Training (COT), you will have 24 months from the date of your initial registration to complete Tracks 1-4. You will not be required to take an exam.

• Every student, whether they’re earning the IFNCP Credential or COT, will be unenrolled from the Tracks that they registered for on their 24-month deadline date. Please remember to download any materials that you wish to keep for future reference PRIOR to your 24-month deadline!

• The IFNCP Review Course is an optional (but highly recommended) course for those interested in earning the IFNCP Credential. For those who fail to meet the requirement of completing all 5 Tracks within their 24-month time frame, this course will then be required, which simply secures your eligibility to move forward with the IFNCP Credential. However, registering for the IFNCP Review Course will NOT allow you to access the Tracks beyond your 24-month deadline.

Trademark Compliance: The following terms have been trademarked by IFNA: “Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy”, “Get Ready…Just the Foundations”, “Get Set…Putting It All Together”, “Go…Practice Now”, “Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner” or “IFNCP”.  Any use of these trademarked terms without prior consent of IFNA is strictly prohibited.

IFNA Privacy Policy:
We respect your privacy and do not tolerate spam and will never sell, rent, lease or give away your information (name, address, email, etc.) to any third party. In order to prevent unauthorized access, we uses strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of information which you have given to us. We take all reasonable precautions to ensure the security of personal data stored on our password protected system.

IFNA Non-Discrimination Policy: The Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy operates on the values of respect and integrity for those we serve. We are guided by our vision and values of integrative and functional nutrition and believe these services should be available to all people. We are committed to providing an inclusive environment for everyone in our organization, including, although not limited to, through employment, membership, volunteer service, partnership, or by engagement with IFNA in other matters. We do not exclude or treat people differently because of age, race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status.

Consent and Agreement to Cancellation Policy, Terms and Conditions & Trademark Compliance:  I, the IFN Academy participant, agree to be completely forthcoming with respect to who I am here to represent (i.e. myself, relative, or any other person, company, association, and/or governmental agency).  I understand that sharing of passwords is strictly prohibited and anyone found sharing passwords will be asked to leave the program immediately with no refund. I understand that IFNA reserves the right to modify content and the delivery of all IFNA training modules at any time. I understand that registration fees for IFNA Tracks are subject to change at any time.

By registering for any IFNA program, I agree to comply with IFNA’s™ Cancellation Policy, all IFNA Terms and Conditions and Trademark Compliance.