Distinguish yourself as an Integrative & Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner (IFNCP)



(Tracks can be purchased individually; however, modules cannot)

Join us for Track 5 – Case Study Immersion orCSI Track” which is designed to give you even more case-based opportunities to immerse, investigate and integrate the functional nutrition care process into your own practices!

Prerequisites: Tracks 1, 2, 3 and 4

All video presentations are recorded for you to access any time!

Enjoy access to the Community Cafe Forum located within the course shell.

ATTENTION – IFNCP Credential applicants  

Per the requirements posted in the IFNCP Credential Q&A Handbook, you have 24 months to complete all 5 IFNA Tracks if you’re interested in obtaining the IFNCP Credential. Your 24-month time frame begins on the date of your Track 1 (in some cases Track 4) registration.


Once your 24-month time frame has ended, you will have an additional 3 months to complete the following:

1. Register for the IFNCP Review Course (optional but highly recommended)

2. Complete and submit your exam application. Please send your application to us at info@ifnacademy.com and submit payment online by visiting the following link: https://www.ifnacademy.com/product/ifncp-application/.

3. Register for the IFNCP Credential exam and take your exam online (your application must be approved before registering)


Additionally, once your 24-month time frame has ended, you will be unenrolled from all Tracks. Be sure to download all of the materials that you wish to keep BEFORE you’re unenrolled. You do NOT need access to the Tracks in order to prepare for the IFNCP Credential exam. We highly recommend that you register for the IFNCP Review Course in order to successfully prepare yourself for the IFNCP Credential exam.

Your registration for IFN Academy “CSI” – Case Study Immersion signifies that you have read and agreed to our registration policies. Please note: prices are subject to change. 


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    In addition, current IFNA membership, along with the completion of the COT and/or IFNCP Credential, satisfies the criteria for being listed on IFNA’s directory of IFN certified practitioners.

    Please note: prices are subject to change. 

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