Meg Gerber RD, LDN, IFNCP, CGN IFNCP Graduate

Meg Gerber

Mobile Phone: 8604786248
Nickname: Meg

Company: Grounded Nourishment

6005 Eureka Drive
AUSTIN, 78745

Biography :

Meg Gerber RD, LDN, IFNCP, CGN is a Functional Medicine Dietitian, Yoga & Meditation Teacher and Founder of Grounded Nourishment (a private virtual nutrition practice). She is also the co-founder of JÜJ Digestive Bitters (launching November 2023). Meg specializes in supporting those struggling with chronic digestive issues via a holistic approach that goes beyond the individualized nutrition to acknowledge the “elephant” in everyone's room - STRESS. Stress can lead to a broken digestive system. While 'We are what we eat’ is a common refrain in the nutrition world, Meg expands this statement by instead standing by ‘‘We are what we DIGEST and ABSORB'. This foundational pillar of her practice and health philosophy lead her to prioritize tools that go beyond the food alone to optimize digestion like mindful eating, mealtime breath work and bitters. It was only natural then, that she curate JÜJ, a uniquely formulated, gluten free digestive bitters that optimizes digestion while also bringing more joy to the social experience of sober curiosity and drinking.

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