Sally Wallace Lynch MS, CDN IFNA COT Graduate

Sally Wallace Lynch

Mobile Phone: 860-490-3920
Nickname: sally.lynch

Company: Nutrition Designs

18 North Main St.
West Hartford, CT 06107

Languages Spoken: English, French

Services Offered: Telehealth appointments, Individual Consultation, Group Consultation, Program Presenter / Workshops

Expertise: Autoimmune Disorders, Celiac Disease, Cardiometabolic/Insulin Resistance, Diabetes, Type 2 and Insulin Resistance, Detoxification, Dietary Supplements, Digestive Disorders, Eating Disorders, Functional Diagnostic Labs, Mind Body Medicine, Nutrigenetic and Nutrigenomic Testing & Interpretation, Weight Management, Women’s Health

Biography :

My fascination with nutrition began when I was 12. My father was diagnosed with cancer, and I remember beginning my journey to “fix him”. I read every book on nutrition I could find, and told him about how Linus Pauling recommended high doses of vitamin C to fight cancer. I read Frances Moore Lappe’s book, Diet for a Small Planet, and became a vegetarian, shopping at the local health food store where the tofu floated in the dirty jar of cloudy water. Here I bought my first carob chips and cans of tahini that I had to pry open with a screwdriver. The tahini was so hard that I would then use the screwdriver to mix it! Circa 1979. I went to the University of CT where I studied nutritional biochemistry, and took a part-time job in the Lipids Laboratory, sweeping floors but eavesdropping on conversations about breast milk composition. Outside the halls of the building were signs for the Peace Corps. I had just returned from a junior year in France, and yearned for global connection. So, rather than join the ranks of a traditional dietitian internship, I found myself in a rural village in Papua New Guinea, with no electricity, shower, toilet or running water, managing a nutrition rehabilitation unit. For two years, I traveled to villages with the Maternal-Child-Health team weighing infants from scales we hooked to tree branches, and “teaching nutrition”. We grew prolific gardens, introducing legumes into a Paleo-eating world. Say what? We even built a small oven for women in the village to bake biscuits for additional income as our “empowering women with microbusinesses.” Say what again? White flour biscuits in a Paleolithic culture? I learned far more than I taught during that time, and have kept an open mind ever since.

I received my MS in Human Nutrition upon my return to the States and passed the RD exam in 2003, which launched me into private practice. I am a forever learner as this field continues to evolve and stretch our imaginations, particularly with the burgeoning science of nutrigenomics. Food and eating can be confusing and disabling for a lot of people. My goal is meet patients where they are along this journey, and to help guide them into a relationship with food that is empowering.

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