Vanessa Vu-Sabido MPH, RDN, CD, IFNCP IFNCP Graduate

Vanessa Vu-Sabido

Office Phone: 2539213569
Nickname: Nutrition Flow

Company: Nutrition Flow LLC

1910 Black Lake Blvd SW
Olympia, 98512

Biography :

I've been a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist for 2 decades and the grateful owner of Nutrition Flow LLC, a nutrition counseling private practice in Washington state that also offers telehealth. I specialize in integrative and functional nutrition, which focuses on how our body systems come together in its contribution to overall health while identifying the root causes of dis-ease and chronic health issues. I rely on personalized nutrition and lifestyle strategies along with Intuitive Eating Principles to rebalance body systems for deep healing within a supportive, weight-neutral environment. I believe there is no one-size fits all approach and my role is to simply sift through my toolbox (aka randomly over-stuffed, “just in case” purse) to support your progress wherever you are in your journey. My hope is that your whole self can flow towards long lasting improvements and optimized wellbeing.
In my spare time you’ll find me poking around the garden, encouraging to my plants to hang in there until Spring, and wondering which weeds and mushrooms are edible. On sunny PNW days it’s all about the outdoors--hiking or biking favorite trails and exploring new ones with her pack of 4 kids & 3 dogs, or floating on the water somewhere. I enjoy trying new recipes but enjoy perusing the delectable pictures in my cookbook collection just a bit more. Always reading, listening, and learning, and finding ways to connect & help others, which has taught me the best life lessons of all.

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