Jamie Elise Noble RD, LDN, ACSM-CPT, IFNA COT IFNA COT Graduate

Jamie Elise Noble

Mobile Phone: 717-873-3534
Office Phone: 717-316-2138
E-mail: Jamie.Noble@pinnaclehealth.org
Website: http://www.UPMCPinnacle.com
Nickname: noblej

Company: UPMC Hanover

4 Thistle Ct
New Oxford, PA 17350

Biography :

I've been practicing in the field of nutrition for almost 35 years now. About 5 years ago, I began consulting for an Endocrinology Suite as we were piloting a new innovative "Metabolic Wellness Program" that shifts the focus from chronic disease management to disease prevention and regression. This new model used:
• Team-based, patient-centered approach rather than a disease centered approach
• Looked at chronic metabolic disease as a continuum rather than a list of unique distinct diagnoses
• Identified the underlying triggers for metabolic imbalance which are unique to each person
• Emphasized the importance of lifestyle medicine
• Shifted the focus away from disease management and in the direction of disease regression and prevention
• (Stepping "outside of the box" away from tradition medicine that hasn't been effective in treating many patients, enabling them in having quality of life. Our Nutrition Plan: not breaking the overnight fast with carbs, introduce carbs by noon, emphasizing low G.I. carbs, adequate protein and healthy omega-3 fats to fight inflammation, organic if possible)

To share a bit more about myself outside of my work environment, I am part of an amazing and blessed music ministry called Women4Christ who have been together now for almost 18 years, 2 years sabbatical. We sing contemporary Christian music, leading praise and worship for all denominations.

The loves of my life are my furry kitty baby dolls BamBam and Blondie, both of whom are rescues. I volunteer for two rescue organizations, the York SPCA and www.allaboutthekitties.org

Lastly, I am extremely passionate about the environment, God's magnificent creation and all of God's creatures, domestic and wild. I absolutely adore ALL animals !! Taking a hike is my way of connecting spiritually

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