Christina Villano RDN, IFNCP IFNCP Graduate

Christina Villano

Mobile Phone: 7208793620
Nickname: christina.villano

Company: Nutrition Care Services. Inc.

Erie, CO 80516

Biography :

I have always had empathy for others, an ability to truly listen, and a desire to help whenever I can, that is why I became a Registered Dietitian. I wanted to be someone who could help change a person’s life by improving their health through diet.

In the almost 20 years of being a Registered Dietitian, I’ve personally assessed thousands of people in the hospital and long term care settings who suffer from chronic, debilitating illnesses and have had a diminished quality of life and take numerous medications to curtail one symptom after another but with no ultimate improvement in their health. I have grown increasingly frustrated with our health care system and the “one size fits all” approach that does not take into account the individual and the whole person.

And then I found functional nutrition! It’s an area of practice I always knew I wanted to be in but never knew existed and I am so excited that it is up and coming and being embraced by more and more practitioners and patients alike. It only makes sense to take the time to truly delve into a person’s symptoms to identify the root cause(s) and then create an individualized plan to correct the underlying problems. And best of all, see improvement in your health.

I am looking forward to working with you, helping you heal and most importantly, be well.

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