Shaliese McKinney Sermon MS, RDN, LDN, IFNCP, FNTP IFNCP Graduate

Shaliese McKinney Sermon

Mobile Phone: 801-368-3232
Office Phone: 208-917-7152
Nickname: shaliese.sermon

Company: Balanced Belly Nutrition

125 W Waukesha St
Meridian, FL 83646

Biography :

I came to nutrition late in the game. After having three children and experiencing an increasing number of seemingly unrelated symptoms that could not be explained by my health care providers, I used the research skills from my undergraduate degree in history to discover that nutrition likely played a major role in how I was feeling. Fast forward 9 years and I now have a masters degree in clinical nutrition from the University of Alabama and am a newly licensed RDN as of 2023.
Since becoming licensed, I have been working as a PRN clinical dietitian for a local rehabilitation hospital while working to start my own business, Balanced Belly Nutrition. I am in the final stages of creating a 10 week course, Digestive Balance Basics. This online course is designed to introduce individuals to nutrition, digestion, and how they both relate to health or the development of disease. My mission is to promote self-efficacy and empower individuals, families, and healthcare practitioners with the knowledge and confidence to use nutrition as the foundation of health.

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