Mónica Pérez Maldonado y Maldonado Licensed Nutritionist/Dietitian, Diabetes Educator, IFNCP IFNCP Graduate

Mónica Pérez Maldonado y Maldonado

Mobile Phone: 8120728188
E-mail: monicapmm@gmail.com
Nickname: nutriologa.monica

Company: Private practice

Valle de los Ángeles
Santa Catarina, 66350

Languages Spoken: English, Spanish

Services Offered: Telehealth appointments, Individual Consultation, Group Consultation

Expertise: Cardiometabolic/Insulin Resistance, Diabetes, Type 2 and Insulin Resistance, Sports Nutrition, Weight Management

Biography :

Born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico. I got my bachelor's degree from UANL in Nutrition in 2012, and I started working independently in 2015. My work is mostly focused on helping people achieve healthier lifestyles by teaching them how to use nutrition to their advantage, and helping people who live with type 2 diabetes, and other blood sugar-related conditions. I'm also trained as a diabetes educator, and I have studies in sports nutrition, clinical nutrition, obesity, and eating disorders, which I use to complement my work, and to provide a more holistic approach to my patients.

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