Jodi Springer RDN, CLS, IFNCP IFNCP Graduate

Jodi Springer

Mobile Phone: 6145827601
Office Phone: 614-582-7601
Nickname: jodi.springer

Company: Food Synergy and Functional Nutrition, LLC

270 Streamwater Ct
Blacklick, OH 43004

Biography :

I have been practicing as a pediatric dietitian for over 20 years but have always had a passion for disease prevention through individualized nutrition. My own daughter has Down syndrome, and after years of being frustrated with allopathic doctors that weren't willing to dig deeper into some of my concerns for her, I found an IFM practitioner who took the time to listen to us and order the necessary labs to diagnose her with Hashimoto's, NCGS, and of course, leaky gut. These were all new to me and sparked my curiosity in the field of functional nutrition. I researched and determined IFNA would be the best program for me to explore this field. I am especially interested in the gut microbiome and how it is interrelated to all things mind and body. I launched my LLC this year and look forward to helping others the way this doctor helped my daughter!

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