Sabeena Ebin Muhammed MS FN, BSc. CNAD, IFNA COT IFNA COT Graduate

Sabeena Ebin Muhammed

Mobile Phone: +4915510830191
Nickname: sabeena.ebin muhammed


Buehlertal , DE-BW 77830

Biography :

Hi, I am Sabeena, a nutrition consultant living in Germany with a Master’s degree in Foods and Nutrition and a Bachelor's degree in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics (CNAD).

I follow an evidence and research-based approach in my consultation to help individuals gradually transform their eating habits and behaviour to achieve a healthier life. Most recently I completed my training in Integrative and Functional nutrition from IFN Academy.
Over 15 years of experience in Clinical Research and Nutrition: (Areas of expertise: pharmacokinetics –phase I, early development, phase II (a) clinical trials), Therapeutic nutrition (oncology and multidisciplinary health care) and Community nutrition (nutrition education, individual consultation and group counselling for Type II Diabetes and CVD patients) has played an important role in helping many patients and clients from various walks of life to achieve good health and well -being.
Every person’s journey is unique. My emphasis is always on prevention and healing. I will customize my consultation tools according to one’s nutritional, medical, physical status and needs. My aim is to help, inspire and support you by setting up an action plan using the integrative and functional nutrition principles that works best for you.
The journey to a better and healthier life is challenging but knowing the purpose can help one accelerate towards their goals.


- Certificate of Training on “Integrative and Functional Nutrition” from Integrative and Functional
- Master of Science, specializing in Foods and Nutrition from the Bharathiar University, Tamil
Nadu, India); recognised by the central office for foreign Education (ZAB), Bonn, Germany.
- Bachelor of Science degree in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics from University of Kerala, India.
- Verified certification in Nutrition and Disease (Nutrition and Cancer; Nutrition, Heart Disease
and Diabetes. (Professional Certificate Program, MOOCs) by Wageningen University and
Research, Netherlands.
- Certificate in Young Clinical Research Professional's Program; Reliance School of Life Sciences,
DALSC, Rabale, Navi Mumbai.
- Completed Post Graduation Diploma in Food safety and Quality Management; IGNOU and
APEDA, Govt. of India, Delhi.

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