Sabeena Ebin Muhammed MS FN, BSc. CNAD, Chemistry and Zoology, IFNCP IFNCP Graduate

Sabeena Ebin Muhammed

Mobile Phone: +4915510830191
Nickname: sabeena.ebin muhammed


Buehlertal, 77830

Biography :

Hi, I am Sabeena, a qualified Nutrition Dietetic consultant living in Germany with a Master’s degree in Foods and Nutrition and a triple Bachelor's degree in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics (CNAD), Chemistry and Zoology. I have a certified Integrative and Functional Nutrition Advanced Practitioner (IFNCP) Credential from IFN Academy.

My goal is to motivate , support and offer my clients customized consultation tools based on their nutritional, medical, physical and economic needs. I have been trained to effectively apply Integrative, functional nutrition strategies and principles in identifying the root causes of your underlying disease condition.

Over 14 years of work experience in Nutrition Consultations (Therapeutic, Clinical, Advanced, Community) and Clinical research (Sr. CRA : phase I, early development, phase II (a) clinical trials, Research Dietician, Training, Ethics committee communication, national- multinational Audit exposures) has inspired me to adopt an evidence and research based approach in my consultations that helped many transform their eating habits and behaviour to to achieve a healthier life.

Every person’s journey is unique. My emphasis is always on prevention and healing. My aim is to help, inspire and support you by setting up an action plan using the integrative and functional nutrition principles that works best for you.
The journey to a better and healthier life is challenging but knowing the purpose can help one accelerate towards their goals.

My educational qualifications include Master of Science in Foods and Nutrition from Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, India (also recognized in Germany) a Triple BSc. Degree in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, Chemistry and Zoology from University of Kerala, India. I hold more credentials to my credit including Certification in Clinical Research , PG Diploma completion in Food Safety and Quality Management(Govt of India), professional program certifications in Nutrition and Disease and have supported Corporates and individuals with Freelance Nutrition counselling.

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