kendra bova MS, RD, CDN, IFNCP IFNCP Graduate

kendra bova

Mobile Phone: 5612131600
Nickname: kendra.bova


48 Whipple St.
brooklyn, NY 11206

Biography :

I am trained in both clinical and functional nutrition, therefore, I take a root cause approach to dig into the why of patients' health concerns and complex issues by recommending personalized nutritional therapies through functional lab testing. The intention of my work is to restore balance in the body by utilizing food as medicine. Being that my father is a chef and Italian restaurateur; food has always been my livelihood and connection to the community. I marvel at how food can be both celebratory and help individuals achieve optimal health, which inspired me to further explore the relationship between nutrients and the active body through IFNA training. I received my BS in Exercise Science from GWU, MS in Clinical Nutrition from Hunter College, and completed my DI from the University of Houston. I apply an evidence based approach to discover the root causes of nutrient imbalances. While the science of nutrition is my priority, I also examine additional factors that affect health, such as: stress, sleep, exercise, hormones, medical history, environmental exposure, and other lifestyle components. My goal is to create a sustainable health plan while prioritizing one's relationship with their body.

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