Melissa Labonte Dt.P., MSc., IFNCP IFNCP Graduate

Melissa Labonte

Mobile Phone: 819-432-1594
Nickname: melissa.labonte

Company: WellUp

1591 rue Magritte
Sherbrooke, J1N 4G4

Biography :

Mélissa has been a Registered Dietitian since 2003. She obtained a Master in Sciences in Kinesiology in 2007 and worked in clinical research during 7 years. After that, she practiced in a family medicine clinic with a variety of population & chronic diseases during 12 years. She obtained in 2015, a Graduate Certificate in health sciences pedagogy and was implicated in the curriculum of family medicine residency program where she developed & teached nutrition to the family medicine residents of the University of Sherbrooke (Québec) during 10 years. Her interest in functional nutrition began with personal readings for her own health. She discovered at the meantime how she could better helps many of her clients with unresolved health complaints. With Functional Nutrition as her core specialty, she decided to launch her full time private practice. Her expertise's are related mostly with the Gut & Hormones. She works in collaboration with an integrative family doctor who is specialized in hormonal & anti-aging health. Their principal clientele are those who get old and want to stay healthy. Mélissa is passionate about nutrition & lifestyle medicine and how to translate knowledge to help people optimize their health & feel better.

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