Kristine Taylor MS, RDN, LD, IFNCP IFNCP Graduate

Kristine Taylor

Office Phone: 207-358-0154
Nickname: kristine.taylor

Company: Tidewater Nutrition & Wellness LLC

52 Cove Street
Portland, ME 04101

Biography :

Kristine sees clients at her private practice Tidewater Nutrition & Wellness LLC in Portland, Maine. Her focus is on digestive and metabolic health through a root cause, functional medicine lens. She enjoys translating the science into practical and actionable information for her clients, which started about 15 years ago in Boston with her early work as a clinical dietitian, and then a corporate nutritionist. Her collaborative approach involves looking at the whole person, incorporating nourishing foods, enjoyable movement, stress management techniques, functional tests and supplementation (as needed) and real conversations. Kristine’s style is personalized, non-judgmental, light-hearted and always with empathy to help her clients find healing, health and wellbeing.

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