Kathy Cassidy BS, IFNCP IFNCP Graduate

Kathy Cassidy

Mobile Phone: 207-542-3916
E-mail: kathy.cassidy@yahoo.com
Nickname: kathy.cassidy


2605 Appleton Ridge Road
Appleton, 04862

Biography :

I am currently a CFO for a real estate and hospitality company in beautiful mid-coast Maine. Although my education and professional experience have been focused on accounting and business, I have always had a very strong interest in nutrition and have been inspired by the impact it has on health. My interest in nutrition began with community classes and lectures, it includes earning a Plant Based Nutrition Certificate from the Center for Nutrition Studies at Cornell. The science of nutrition fascinates me, and I am in the process of learning all that I can with a goal of helping others to optimize their health. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to complete the IFNA training, and I look forward to furthering my education in the field of integrative & functional nutrition.

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