Lindsay Peter-Contesse MS, RDN, LD, IFNCP IFNCP Graduate

Lindsay Peter-Contesse

Mobile Phone: 615-579-9521
Office Phone: 615-873-0314
Nickname: lindsaypcRD

Company: Nashville Autoimmune Nutrition, LLC

5000 Whispering Hills Ct
Nashville, TN 37211

Biography :

Lindsay Peter-Contesse MS, RDN, LD, IFNCP is a registered dietitian nutritionist and integrative and functional nutrition practitioner. She is the owner of Nashville Autoimmune Nutrition, LLC. where she specializes in autoimmune diseases and gut health. Her passion for helping others with such illnesses began with her own journey of struggling with multiple autoimmune diseases. She first discovered functional and integrative healing through her own health journey before finding IFNA and bringing this into her practice.

Autoimmune diseases are complex and present differently for each person. From sorting through recommendations of food choices, supplements, to even being told there is no solution, or “It’s all in your head,”—it can be completely overwhelming. She focuses on the whole person in approaching these issues with clients by looking for the root cause of symptoms. She addresses all aspects of the client's lifestyle, including nutrition, stress, sleep, movement, and mind/body practices.

Managing chronic illness can be exhausting, confusing, and lonely. Lindsay offers ongoing support to help her clients reach greater healing and better quality of life.

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