Rochez O' Grady RD, IFNCP, Translational Nutrigenomics, Mindful Eating Principles IFNCP Graduate

Rochez O' Grady

Company: Savour Nutrition

London, KT36JP

Biography :

Over the last 10 years of being a Registered Dietitian, health and well-being has rapidly progressed, driven by the advancement of systems biology, nutrition technology and the digital health revolution. To keep current, I’ve equipped myself with the most up to date science-based knowledge in these areas to empower a client-centred personalised approach. I’ve applied my methodology in private practice, health coaching, corporate wellness, personalised nutrition consulting and within the NHS. I believe in addressing root causes and using behaviour change techniques to help clients implement necessary guidelines. This evolution has led the growth of my practice, Savour Nutrition.

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