Kathleen Fulgione IFNA Graduate Directory

Kathleen Fulgione MA, RDN, RYT, IFNCP IFNCP Graduate

Mobile Phone: 845-304-3972
Office Phone: 845-535-1725
E-mail: kfulgione@mindbodyspiritnutrition.com
Website: https://mindbodyspiritnutrition.com
Nickname: Kathy


61 Conklin Ave
Tappan, NY 10983

Biography :

I work with women in their middle years who are struggling with stress and overwhelm, health concerns, digestive issues, lack of energy and passion, and their bodies not functioning or looking the way it used to. Using my functional nutrition and yoga background, I help them begin to balance their energy centers to help them cultivate peace in their mind and improve their digestion. The result is often an improved sense of well-being, a better belly, increased energy and renewed passion. I have always been passionate about nutrition and fitness. However, after experiencing some major stressful life events and a back injury over the past several years, my passion for my field nearly came to a halt. Using the tools I've learned through my training and experience with functional nutrition and yoga, I have achieved better balance in my own life. Now in my middle years, I have the time and space to share what I've learned to help others. My program, offered via Telehealth, is designed to enhance the journey on one's path toward better health.

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