Your IFNA™ Learning Path/Eligibility

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There are THREE ways in which you can interact with the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy™ training program:

1. Continuing Education (CPEUs) – You can matriculate through the various Tracks and earn CPEU’s. We currently have up to 220 CPEUs preapproved as an Accredited Provider with the Commission on Dietetic Registration.

2. Certificate of Training/COT (includes CPEUs) –  Requirements include successful completion of:

  • complete Tracks 1-4 within 24 months (for a description of each module within the Tracks, click here).
  • All module quizzes

3. IFNCP™ credential (includes IFNA™ Certificate of Training + CPEUs) –  Credential applicants must:

  • complete Tracks 1-5 within 24 months (for a description of each module within the Tracks, click here).
  • pass all module quizzes
  • submit an application (upon completion of the entire program) and a one time application fee of $149
  • pass the IFNCP™ Credential Exam

Click here for the IFNCP™ Q & A Handbook

Eligible persons for the IFNCP™ credential include:

  1. Health care practitioners (i.e. Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, Registered Nurses, etc.)
  2. Masters or Doctorate level university students in the health science/nutrition field
  3. Health coaches, massage therapists, personal trainers and nutrition consultants who have:
    1. a minimum of a Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition from an accredited university AND
    2. acquired a minimum of 1000 hours in clinical practice within a 5 year period

Those with a high level of interest but no formal training are not eligible to apply for the IFNCP credential. In cases where eligibility is uncertain, the credential board will determine on a case by case basis. If you have questions about eligibility, feel free to contact us at

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