How does the IFNA™ program work?

IFNA™ training includes skill-building in key clinical areas including: nutrition-focused physical assessment, therapeutic elimination diets, conventional and functional labs and diagnostics including nutrigenetic testing, art and science of dietary supplements, mind-body modalities such as meditation, yoga, breathing techniques, and other lifestyle-oriented practices. A “whole food as medicine” approach is central to IFN therapy, thus an understanding and application of culinary nutrition concepts, condition-specific healing foods and bioactive compounds in the “food farmacy” is also included.


Step 1 – Become an IFNA™ Member!  IFNA Membership offers 10% off of all five IFNA tracks (that’s 33 modules)! Once you become a member, you will receive a special coupon code for use with each of the five tracks. Click here to become an IFNA member:

Step 2 – Online Registration: Register anytime!  Enjoy IFNA training at your own pace! (Certain restrictions apply for IFNCP™ credential applicants. Click here for details:

Step 3 – Log in. Once you are registered, log in to the course shell at the top right hand corner of your screen and you will be taken to a Welcome Page where you click on the Track that you registered for. Once you are there, you will enter the world of IFNA training!



  • Video presentations Each video presentation is led by an IFNA faculty expert that comes with an information-packed, clinically useful module loaded with practice pearls! For a description of each module, click here.
  • Beautiful content rich powerpoint slides – You will have access to the powerpoint slides both as 1 slide per page and 3 slides per page for optimal note-taking! All powerpoints are downloadable and yours to keep indefinitely.
  • IFNA toolkit and resources Every module comes with many carefully selected downloadable scientific papers, handouts, patient questionnaires, web resources, free apps, and full protocols with dietary recommendations, supplement brand names, conventional, functional and nutrigenetic laboratory test recommendations and mind-body practices! You will also find many brandable office documents for your logo placement.
  • Enjoy 24/7 access to the IFNA™ Community Cafe Forum – A private forum reserved just for registered IFNA participants, this is an opportunity to receive written, customized answers to your questions about module content.
  • Private Mentoring – Need one-on-one mentoring? Contact us at info@IFNAcademy to make an appointment and click here to register:
  • Earn CPEUs, a Certificate of Training (COT) or if eligible, the IFNCP™ Credential! 

1. Earn CPEUs. You can matriculate through the various Tracks and earn CPEU’s if that’s all you want. We offer 233 preapproved CPEUs and we are an Accredited Provider with the Commission on Dietetic Registration.

2. Certificate of Training (COT). You can matriculate through Track 1, Track 2, Track 3 and Track 4 – Therapeutic Elimination Diets (TED). Upon passing all of the module quizzes, you will be awarded a Certificate of Training from IFNA™ and may enter your information into the COT Graduate Directory.

3. IFNCP™ Credential. You can matriculate through Track 1, Track 2, Track 3, Track 4 – “TED” Therapeutic Elimination Diets and Track 5 – “CSI” Case Study Immersion. Upon passing all of the module quizzes you can apply for the IFNCP™ (Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner™) credential. Once your application is approved, you are eligible to take the IFNCPonline multiple choice credential exam. Effective July 2017, The IFNCP™ Credential Exam will be offered year round. Those who successfully pass the IFNA credential exam will be awarded the IFNCP designation and may enter their information into the IFNCP Graduate Directory. Only qualified health care professionals can apply. IFNA™ does not allow “testing out” of any Tracks. For more details, CLICK HERE. If you are still unsure if you qualify, please email us at


  • Do you know about the free IFNA listserv? If you want to join, just email us at and we’ll add you on!
  • Enjoy the free subscription to Natural Medicines Database
  • Enjoy the free digital subscription to Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal
  • Enjoy the free digital subscription to Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine journal
  • Enjoy the free digital subscription to Advances in Mind-Body Medicine journal
  • Enjoy the free subscription to the Natural Medicine Journal
  • Be sure to download your free copy of Kathie Swift’s 3rd edition of My Foundation Diet eBook on the home page!
  • Members enjoy discounts to:
    • Emerson Ecologics and Natural Partners online dispensary!
    • Evexia Diagnostics
    • TAP Integrative with Dr Lise Alschuler
    • Genoma International nutrigenetic testing
    • Lord and Bralley’s Laboratory Evaluations for Integrative and Functional Medicine textbook
    • – a practice management software system
    • Dr Kara Fitzgerald’s eBook: Methylation, Diet and Lifestyle
    • Healthie – an online practice management platform
    • PlateJoy – personalized, on-demand meal plans
    • Doctors Supplement Store
    • Fruit Street Telehealth software


  • Do you know about the IFNA James Joseph, PhD Scholarship Award? This scholarship award, generously provided by Integrative Therapeutics, is designed to fund IFNA training for those individuals with significant financial hardship. Email for an application.
  • Do you know about the Jeffrey Bland, PhD, Rising Star Recognition Award? This award is designed to recognize IFNCP participants who have graduated from all IFNA tracks and immersions and have demonstrated superior retention, excellence in clinical practice and/or academic proficiency in integrative and functional nutrition.


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