IFNA™ Membership


Become a member of IFNA™ (only $147/year) and receive the following discounts and special pricing:

  • IFNA Tracks – 10% off Track 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
  • Emerson Ecologics and/or Natural Partners – Open a new account receive 20% off of your first order
  • Evexia Diagnostics – Open a new account and the $250 set-up fee is waived
  • Examine.com – Receive a 20% discount when you open a new account to access Supplement Guides and more!
  • Doctors Supplement Store – New accounts earn a $100 cash bonus for $200 in sales in the first month. Established accounts receive 20% off of your order
  • Dr Kara Fitzgerald’s eBook: Methylation, Diet and Lifestyle – Enjoy a 10% discount
  • Functional Nutrition Library (FNL) – Enjoy 50% off your membership subscription to the FNL.
  • Genomic Medicine Works – Open a new account and receive 30% off any nutritional genomic test panel for yourself or your client.
  • Green Med Info – Enjoy 40% off the “Professional” subscription
  • Health Research Institute (HRI) – offers glyphosate testing. IFNA members receive a special testing rate of $89.
  • Health Takes Guts® Your Comprehensive Guide to Eliminating Digestive Issues, Anxiety, and Fatigue (eBook) – Receive a 25% discount
  • Healthie – Receive one FREE month trial
  • Kalix Health – Enjoy 20% off your first-year subscription
  • Lise Alschuler, ND. TAP Integrative – Become a member with TAP and receive the IFNA student rate of $99. Regular rate is $150
  • Living Plate Rx – access to therapeutic diets/meal plans.
  • Point Institute – Receive 20% off any Point Institute materials, excellent resources to support your clinical practice.
  • Practice Better – Receive 15% off your first 6 months
  • Probiotic Advisor – Enjoy a 10% discount
  • SIBO Academy – Enjoy a 10% discount on any course
  • RealTime Laboratories – Enjoy $50 off clinical mycotoxin testing
  • Alumni access to the enrichment/bonus presentations and updated module content via the Facebook Alumni Group page

Following registration, members will be emailed the specific promo codes to utilize the above discounts.

Please note: The 10% membership discount does not apply to Personal Mentoring sessions, the IFNCP Review Course, IFNCP™ Application or IFNCP™ Exam.

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