Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy Certification credential board member, Colleen Fogarty Draper Colleen Fogarty Draper MS, RDN, PhD

Colleen Fogarty Draper MS, RD, PhD founded and co-created NutraU Health with over 25 years of experience in scientific research, molecular/ personalized nutrition and genomics, clinical dietetics/medical nutrition therapy and product /program and business development and a strong network of collaborators.

Colleen spent the last 8+ years at Nestle in molecular nutrition and systems biology research and translation sciences while simultaneously completing her PhD. Her doctoral work focused on metabolomic response signatures in nutrition and health, sexual dimorphism and hormone chronobiology. She conducted further translation work in microbiome resilience, probiotic, prebiotic therapies and the connection with neurotransmitter functioning; dermatological sciences, fertility and personalized nutrition; sub-clinical mastitis and inflammatory diet intake; and led digital health technology development for diet intake, analysis and recommendation personalization. Additionally, Colleen spent several years conducting genetic association studies and developing personalized gene tests for pharmacogenomics and nutrition in the areas of inflammation, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, weight management and micronutrient requirements. In her early research years, she managed oncology clinical trials in compliance with the ICH GCPs and audited Institutional Review Boards to ensure compliance with the protections of human subjects. Colleen has recently joined the SanGiovanni Laboratory as the Assistant Director of the Integrative Omics Brand at the Center for the Study of Nutrient-Responsive Systems.

Colleen pursued 1 year of dermatological science training to understand skin biology as a nutrient response system. Currently, she is merging this learning experience with her molecular nutrition background to investigate non-invasive systems nutrition biomarker sensing using microfluidics, microneedle technologies, and integrative -omics for translation into health care practice and consumer care. Colleen is interested in applying this to women’s hormonal health and immune-inflammatory precision nutrition.

Colleen’s recent product development experience includes designing nutrition and probiotic supplementation and scientific personalization strategies (genomics, microbiome) for a luxury women’s nutrition and skin care brand, as well as, the Proactive acne brand with Nestle Skin Health. Acting as a Principal Nutrition Scientist for Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW), Colleen led the development and execution of health and nutrition science innovation with Nestle and General Mills. During this time she led the first EFSA health claim submission, and rolled out the CPW gut health strategy. She worked on probiotics and prebiotics claims substantiation supporting the GOODBELLY brand and identified ingredients to reduce postprandial glycemia for the women’s FITNESS brand. She also brought her scientific skills and technology development recommendations to the weight wellness consumer intensive immersion program.

She earned her PhD in life sciences with the Center for Analytical Biosciences, Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research at Leiden University, The Netherlands; her Master’s of Science degree from Tufts University, School of Nutrition; and completed her dietetics program to become a registered dietitian/nutritionist.