Faculty & Advisory Board

Yael Joffe, PhD, RD

Yael Joffe, PhD, RD is a registered dietitian in South Africa who specializes in nutrigenomics and Functional Nutrition. Together with Dr Ruth DeBusk she co-authored the book It’s Not Just Your Genes. Yael evaluates current research literature in nutrigenomics and monitors the fields’ significant new trends. She has been involved in several research collaborations with key academic partners from around the world, and is often to be found at the front lines raising awareness about nutrigenomic and Functional Nutrition applications for health practitioners and the public alike. In addition to her research and development work for DNAlysis Biotechnology, Yael has been involved in the development and supervision of nutrigenomics courses in South Africa. Yael is also a faculty member of the Institute for Functional Medicine and is involved in advancing the understanding and integration of Functional Nutrition in South Africa. Yael obtained her PhD from the University of Cape Town, exploring the genetics and nutrition of obesity in South African women. She is currently an adjunct Assistant Professor teaching Nutrigenomics at Rutgers University, and has developing an online Translational Nutrigenomics training course for all health practitioners. She is also completing her MS in Food Systems & Society in Portland, Oregon, USA.