Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy Certification advisory board member, Param Dedhia Param Dedhia, MD

Param Dedhia, MD is a curious internal medicine doctor and passionate integrative medicine practitioner. Following his medical education at Michigan State University, Param became board certified in Internal Medicine, Obesity Medicine and Sleep Medicine.  Moreover, he is fellowship trained in Geriatric Medicine at Johns Hopkins University and Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona.

During his tenure at Hopkins, he was a resident, fellow and researcher before becoming a faculty member. The medical students, nursing staff, and fellow health care providers at Hopkins recognized him with awards as a top teacher and MVP (“most valuable provider”).  Param spent over twelve years at Canyon Ranch as an integrative medicine doctor. Whether he was leading retreats or working one-on-one, the joy was connecting people to their health. While at Canyon Ranch, he led the executive health, sleep medicine, and weight loss programs.

He started Moveo (mo-VAY-oh) Health and has partnered with former Canyon Ranch colleagues with expertise in nursing, coaching, psychology, nutrition and exercise. The approach is based on comprehensive assessments to focus both goals and priorities.  Beyond simply giving this information, they collaborate with people on an ongoing basis to integrate these recommendations into action and best health.

With his family background from India, Param loves to bridge eastern and western philosophies.  With this, he connects traditional wisdom to modern science. He is forever curious about the world and is widely travelled.  Any book by Malcolm Gladwell makes him smile. If there is a destination or book that he needs to put on his list, please let him know.  Since he was young, he lives by the saying: “Know Thyself.” Param is nourished by friends and family, rejuvenated by music and dance, and inspired by kindness and all things clever.