Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy Certification advisory board member, Jessica Swift Jessica Swift Harrell MSc, Chef, RDN, LD, IFNCP

Jessica Swift Harrell MSc, Chef, RDN, LD, IFNCP, more popularly known as “Chef Jess,” is a classically trained chef, registered dietitian, published author and founding owner of a corporate wellness and meal delivery company. She earned her culinary degree at Johnson & Wales University followed by a BS in Dietetics from Michigan State University and a MSc in Nutritional Sciences from Howard University.

She has partnered with Kaiser Permanente, Nutricia, Ocean Spray, Beachbody and other brands to create and present nutrition content that promotes healthy eating for people of all ages; developed nutrition implementation for government programs, built corporate wellness partnerships and programming; and has been named a Unilever Agent of Change for her innovation in creating a healthier, more sustainable future.

Chef Jess is regularly featured on television, print and radio media outlets as an expert in her field, including US News & World Report, REDBOOK, ELLE, Essence, O Magazine, Sirius XM’s Doctor Radio, NBC’s Today Show and the Food Network.

Chef Jess is a trusted nutrition authority aiming to revolutionize the perception of health by offering personalized, evidence-based and holistic approaches that promote overall well-being. She possesses the unique ability to translate the latest research into delectable creations, honoring and embracing diverse cultures, while advocating that good health is not only attainable but also enjoyable.

In addition to this board appointment, she holds a seat on the District of Columbia Board of Nutrition and Dietetics and is an adjunct faculty member at Prince George’s Community College.

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