Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy Certification advisory board member, Aviva Romm Aviva Romm, MD

Aviva Romm, MD is both a midwife and a Yale trained MD and Board Certified Family Physician with specialties in Integrative Gynecology, Obstetric and Pediatrics, with a focus on women’s endocrinology. She’s also a world renown herbalist, and author of the textbook, Botanical Medicines for Women’s Health, as well as 7 other books, including The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution and her new book, Hormone Intelligence, an instant New York Time Bestseller, which explores the impact of the world we live in on women’s hormones and health, and brings us a new medicine for women that is at once holistic and natural, while being grounded in the best science and medicine have to offer. A practitioner, teacher, activist and advocate of both environmental health and women’s reproductive rights and health, she has been bridging the best of traditional medicine, total health ecology, and good science for over three decades. Her podcast, articles, books, and online programs are wildly popular and successful, helping women take back their health, she practices medicine in both NY and MA, and lives in the Berkshires of Western MA.