Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy Certification advisory board member, Annelie Smith Annelie Smith, RD, IFNCP

Annelie Smith, RD, IFNCP heads up the Clinical and Mentorship team at 3X4 Genetics. She is an accomplished certified clinician who spent more than 25 years in clinical practice and the wellness industry, getting experience in many different applications of clinical and functional nutrition. This includes highly specialized nutrition interventions for critically ill patients, wellness and resilience support for executives, and enhancing sports performance for elite athletes and sports teams. She has been involved in the field of nutrigenomics for more than 15 years and has translated thousands of genetic reports into clinical practice. This led to her being one of the most recognized international experts in the field today. She has been a valuable part of the 3X4 Genetics company journey from the beginning and now mentors and supports the clinical team and the company’s business partners. Her work at 3X4 Genetics includes consulting for Elite sports teams such as LAFC, high-profile practitioners, and famous celebrities. Her personal goal is to influence as many people as possible to make meaningful nutrition and lifestyle choices to obtain quality of life. In her free time, she enjoys wild, long-distance, cold water swimming in oceans, rivers, and lakes. This is a metaphor for her personal ambition to push the limits past her comfort zone and to go the extra mile.